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Prevention, to enjoy fully the summer season
Everyone is happy that the winter finishes. Your garden is repaired and becomes attractive.

But insects, carpenters ants as well as wasps, rodents like the mice, field mice and the bats which will invade your houses and attics for the next months, make your lives unhappy! Fortunately, your pest control company of confidence, with its certified exterminators, Elite Pest Control, can return the easier life to you.

These insects and rodent harmful had remained hidden all the winter for the majority. Their metabolism slowed down with their reproductive devices and is now in emergence, famished. All these ants, wasps, mice, bats must build new nests to colonize and, if they are not stopped by a qualified exterminators company, these insects and rodents will invade your house’s attic. Most insects like the ants, the wasps and the carpenters ants are easy to see and treat if the problem is dealt with at the beginning of the infestation, by making prevention with Elite Pest Control, the reference. It is also the case of the mice and bats. Even if you do not have yet an infection of rodents or insects, if there is an infestation in your vicinity rather large, they enter your house.

Your whole house,from the basement to the attic, should be inspected by our exterminators of Elite Pest Control before hot weather starts.

Now that you made inspected and cleaned your house completely, you must deal with insects and rodents which think that they go to the hotel for the summer.

Ants and mouse. Two short words, for small creatures, which can enter by the cracks that you cannot even see.

The first thing to be made, like prevention, is to make sure that there is nothing which encumbers around the house. The wet ground is marvellous to make nests of ants. Have ten inches release from the solage and ensure that it is downwards tilted starting from the house to keep it formation of moisture.

Then, it is important to make prevention outside by blocking up all the cracks under edges of window, around the pipes of admission, and ensure you that all the drains are covered. Have dealings with professionals of sealing, Elite Pest Control, to have the mind at ease.

You can also make prevention by making the same thing inside the house. You can check the edges of all the windows, pipes, etc To make sealing to prevent the infiltration of insects and rodents is better than to wait to have a major infection of ants or mouse before exterminating them using exterminators.

They are all the passages and openings favourable with the infiltration of carpenters ants and mice! These insects and rodents multiply by thousand, especially upwards of the temperature. They like to be in the heat and the dark and wet places like your kitchen and bathroom, they are their Club Med. That doesn’t mean that your house is badly maintained, they will fly in any house, with an opening just enough for their accesses in your attic.

One marvellous spring is when one can push the ” RESET” button and fix yourself inside it to appreciate the summer which approaches. But suddenly, you are confronted with a new whole of insects and rodents. The ants which devastate the new buds. The wasps which invade your garden and garden. Do not wait. Make prevention and contact the elites of pest control. There will be a whole series of different tricks and tips which will be treated in other texts.

For prevention, there remain some tricks which can be made. The wasps are particularly dangerous. They can prick more than once without dying – unlike bees. They like to build their nests under the gutters of the roof where it is sheltered and deprived. Use a powerful pulverizer filled with soapy water which is the best asset after the nest was professionally treated and eliminated by Elite Pest Control.

The Elite Pest Control prevention service offers large varieties of pesticides programs, including sealing the entrance points. To prevent all the problems of rodents such as mice and insects like the carpenters ants and wasps as of the appearance of spring heats with the team of exterminators of Elite Extermination, to make sure that they do not develop in significant problems of insects and bats during the summer months. You will be able to fully benefit of your summer season without worry.