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Have you noticed an unpleasant smell in your home? Is your nose flaring up in an unusual manner? You could be in the presence of a rodent infestation and, if this is the case, intervention will be required as quick as possible.

Find out how to check if the smell comes from an animal infestation and the solutions to get rid of it.

The typical smells of a rodent infestation

An infestation of mice and rats may be accompanied by a smell quite specific to rodents. The most common is due to urine that smells very similar to ammonia. The other types of odor prevalent in these animals are related to factors such as reproduction or, more sadly, death. The longer the infestation has been present, the stronger the smells released will be. This scent will be even more pronounced in confined areas, because these areas are often preferred by mice and other small pests.

It’s important to act quickly because rodent smell spreads and can make entire parts of your home unapproachable. Call a professional to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Locate the rodent hiding spot

The mouse is a rather predictable animal that makes identical journeys as long as it isn’t disturbed. If you think you recognize its particular smell, it might be recommended to look at urine traces so you can find the entry they use to sneak into your home.

Suspicious smells: How do you get rid of them?

A suspicious smell is the sign of an underlying problem. It can come from a rodent that is dead or alive. In either case, getting rid of it is crucial.

If the rodent is dead and its location is known, using an absorbent bag will eliminate odors. If the location of the animal is unknown and it is alive, the odor can be removed with the help of an air ionizer, but the area must be particularly small to ensure efficiency.

There are also a good number of chemical products that get rid of odors emitted by rodents. However, it is recommended to entrust their use to professionals, since most of these products can be dangerous for health.

Get rid of an animal infestation

As soon as an unusual smell appears, remember to check for signs of a rodent in your home, especially in confined areas. If in doubt, the best solution is to contact a rodent infestation specialist. Moreover, this approach has a financial benefit. Essentially, a rodent infestation can cause significant damage to your furniture and your home’s electrical installations.

If there is any doubt where the smell comes from, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to solve your animal infestation problem.