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Have you come across an ant or two on your living room floor this summer? Could these simply be stray ants or is their entire family living in a corner of your home? Hard to tell! In any case, the situation should be investigated.

Most active during the warm season, carpenter ants have a habit of nesting in damp or decaying wood. This is because the queen is usually looking for a spot to lay her eggs and the moment she decides to take up residence in your home, the situation can quickly turn ugly.

If you have any doubts, here are three tips that will help you detect the presence or absence of a carpenter ant colony in your home.

Finding small piles of sawdust at home

Carpenter ants have a habit of digging tunnels in wood and carpentry in search of a place to live. This is how they create their cocoon; they remove wood from the structure. Therefore, if you find small wood chips in some areas of your home, you might have just discovered the excavation of their tunnels.

One of the best-known ways to determine if your wood structures are damaged by the work of ants is to use a screwdriver in your structure and see if sawdust falls out.

Noticing flying ants

If you find flying ants in your house during springtime, there is a good chance that a nest is present in the area. Essentially, adult ants have wings and leave their nest in the spring to begin their activities and their breeding cycle.

Moreover, an indisputable sign of their presence is finding ants at home in winter. Indeed, since they are only active during the warm season, in spring and summer, this likely reflects the presence of an ant colony in your home.

Inspect damp areas and empty spaces

Carpenter ant nests are usually found in damp locations such as behind dishwashers and window frames. They can also be found in wall cavities, such as cracks for example. Any small area with empty space and some moisture can be the perfect nesting site for this type of ant. Therefore, it is essential to inspect all the tight spaces in your home and caulk them.

Hire professional exterminators

If you have spotted a carpenter ant colony or noticed the presence of any animal or insect pest in your home, do not hesitate to call Elite Pest Control. Our team of experienced professionals can help you permanently get rid of the insects in your home. Contact us today for more information.