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In the event of an infestation, all industries have to rely on pest control services. However, some sectors require routine preventive control, since a single infestation can have a major impact on the services and reputation of the affected organization.

Establishments that operate in the hotel, health and food industries are particularly at risk of suffering adverse consequences as a result of an infestation. They therefore need to put additional effort into preventive pest control.

Pest control in the hotel industry

Of all the problems that can damage a hotel’s reputation, bed bug infestation is probably the most significant. Not only are these invasions very common, they can significantly damage a hotel’s reputation if the outbreak becomes public. Some precautions can be taken to prevent the spread of bed bugs, but the only way to ensure their complete elimination is routine pest control.

Bed bugs aren’t the only things that can damage a hotel’s reputation: cockroaches, spiders, rodents and ants are just as likely to cause problems, which can even lead to physical damage.

The food industry requires routine pest control

Food processing plants, grocery stores, fast food franchises, five-star restaurants: everything that concerns the food industry in any way must be subject to regular pest control. These establishments require impeccable hygiene and are extremely attractive to pests, since they provide an endless source of food.

Food contamination, damage to the establishment’s reputation and, ultimately, its closure by a MAPAQ agent are all possible consequences of a pest invasion. For these reasons, the prevention of pest infestation with the help of an expert on a regular basis is recommended.

Pest control in hospitals

As with food service, the health sector requires an impeccable level of hygiene: the risks of contamination are not to be taken lightly under any circumstances. This is why hospitals and health clinics regularly use the preventive services of a pest control specialist.

Do you have an establishment in one of these industries? Contact us for routine pest control

We understand the temptation to handle your own pest control in your establishment to avoid attracting attention with a visit from an exterminator. However, you should know that your efforts will probably be ineffective without the experience and equipment of an expert. In addition, we provide our services with the strictest discretion: with us, you can have peace of mind.

Elite Pest Control’s experienced technicians are trained to effectively prevent pest infestations, regardless of the establishment being treated. Contact us now for a free quote, or for any questions about pest control.