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If your home has an attic, you may have already noticed that it is a favourite room for insects, especially wasps and spiders. You may even already have an infestation problem.

But do you know why insects like to break into your attic and build their nests there? Our extermination experts have the answers.

Your attic is a shelter for insects

Insects need to be protected from the elements to build a safe and sustainable nest: this is the main reason why they invade your home. This provides them with considerable protection against rain, wind and winter weather. Since the attic is located near the roof, it is often easier to access than any other room in your home.

Insects enjoy the tranquility of your attic

If you are afraid of insects, the feeling is mutual: they are frightened by your presence. Attics often have the least human activity in the room, making them a prime environment for bugs. In fact, your attic is probably quieter than most natural environments where insects could establish their nests.

Insects love what’s in your attic

For many insects, your attic is an inexhaustible source of food and materials, especially if you store lots of things in it. Some love the wood of your old furniture, while others use the paper and cardboard in it to build their nests. Insects aren’t the only animals that benefit from your attic for this reason: rodents and birds can also thrive there.

The temperature, brightness and humidity level of your attic are attractive

Many attics are quite dark, a little damp and the temperature is generally higher than outside. These conditions are sought by a myriad of insects and arachnids, making your attic an ideal habitat for spiders, cockroaches and silverfish. If your attic is messy, it becomes even more attractive to pests that can hide more easily.

How to get rid of the insects that live in your attic

The methods used to get rid of an insect invasion in the attic vary depending on the species in question and the extent of the problem. You can prevent potential intrusions by placing wire mesh in front of the entry points, keeping your attic tidy and using plastic bins over cardboard boxes. However, once the insects are settled, professional pest control services are often required to solve the problem once and for all.

Don’t hesitate to contact Elite Pest Control

If you notice the constant presence of insects in your attic, contact an exterminator as soon as possible: they can cause serious damage to your home and reproduce extremely quickly. The Elite Pest Control team is trained to respond quickly and effectively. Contact us now for a free quote or if you have any questions about pest control.