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It’s easy to assume that you don’t need to decontaminate your home before selling it. You can leave that headache to the buyer, and your home is in good condition anyway, so there shouldn’t be a problem, right?

If you’re thinking along those lines, you’re making a mistake. You’ll soon realize that you’re much better off hiring decontamination specialists like Elite Extermination and heading problems off at the pass. Here’s why.

3 good reasons to have your home inspected and decontaminated before selling

Calling in a decontamination specialist when selling your home is a sensible choice that will help you avoid unnecessary stress and problems such as:

  1. Your property losing value
  2. Legal action due to hidden defects
  3. Visits that deter potential buyers

1. Avoid your property losing value

Calling in a decontamination service is a wise investment. Our professionals provide a free diagnostic assessment, and we may find no trace of contamination in your home.

However, the opposite is often true, and the problems can be difficult for owners to identify. After our visit, you’ll have the green light to focus on selling your house, and you’ll be happy to know it’s taken care of.

2. Protect yourself from potential legal action

One common problem that can occur when you neglect to have your home professionally inspected and decontaminated is being sued by the buyers due to hidden defects.

In Quebec, it’s not unusual for the buyer to take the seller to court weeks or months after signing the bill of sale. The presence of contaminants is much more common than you might think. Elite Extermination’s insulation service can conduct a thorough inspection and help you with problems like vermiculite insulation containing asbestos.

3. Make a good first impression with visitors

When potential buyers visit, the first impression is often what matters most. Do your best to impress your visitors from the moment they walk through the door. You’ll increase your chances of a successful sale by ensuring that the house is neat and clean.

The slightest issue, like a strange odour or a stain on the garage floor, can easily ruin your chances of selling your home to a visitor. This is especially true during COVID-19—an impeccable house is a sign that you’re doing what you can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What do inspection and decontamination professionals do?

While each decontamination company has its own methods and skills, the inspection and decontamination process is generally fairly standard:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the state of the property: Walls, floors, entry points, attic, etc.
  • Pest extermination: Owners sometimes don’t realize that intruders have infiltrated their home. Pests can cause problems such as mould and bacterial growth, which can lead to health concerns.
  • Entry point caulking: Small cracks in dark areas are perfect places for animals like mice to enter, so it’s best to stay vigilant and caulk as needed.
  • Mould and bacteria decontamination: Once the entry points are sealed, our experts pay particular attention to high-risk areas (cellar, attic, garage, etc.) and use the best methods and products to eliminate any and all contamination.
  • Site sterilization: Sterilization concludes the decontamination by destroying the last bacteria and microbes that have withstood the rest of the process.

Are you a buyer? Decontamination concerns you too!

Even though we’re discussing the risks of sellers skipping inspection and decontamination, this article is important for prospective buyers as well.

If you’re looking to buy a property, you want to pay a fair price for it. How can you be sure that what you’re paying is fair when the visit lasts just a few minutes and you aren’t a real estate professional?

Here are some clues to look for when visiting a house or an apartment:

  • Signs of corrosion on power outlets and light switches
  • Spongy floors
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Freshly painted ceilings and window frames
  • Strange odours

If you have any doubts, you can request an inspection. This strategy can also help you negotiate a lower price.

If you are looking to buy a rental property, take a look at our article “The landlord’s role in a rental property infestation” and find out about the responsibilities of being a landlord.

Selling your home? Contact Elite Extermination!

As you can see, it’s best to be proactive about having your property inspected if you’re thinking of selling.

The professionals at Elite Extermination have years of experience and the equipment needed to make your home safe and clean. By calling our specialists, you’ll avoid headaches and potential liability for hidden defects.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. We operate throughout Quebec.