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Did you know that in a single hour, a bat can easily eat 600 mosquitoes? In one night, a colony of 500 bats can devour more than a million insects. Of course, an animal that ingests so much food will inevitably release a large amount of excrement, also known as “guano”.

In nature, these droppings are harmless, but when they accumulate in a house as a result of a bat infestation, the pathogens they contain and the smell they emit can cause serious problems.

Find out why it is important to decontaminate a room affected by bat droppings.

Histoplasmosis: a disease that originates from bat droppings

Histoplasmosis is a fungal disease that can be transmitted to humans. It can be contacted by individuals who breathe in the dust that emanates from bat guano. In general, this infection has no noticeable symptoms. It can also manifest itself as a benign respiratory disease or some irritation of the respiratory tract. However, it is important to know that this infection can cause death in individuals with severe respiratory disorders if the disease is not detected and treated quickly enough.

Decontamination specialists working in infested areas with bat nests should therefore wear a respirator and adequate protective clothing to avoid exposure. They should also take special measures when handling guano-contaminated materials to prevent the spread of infectious agents into the air.

Finally, bats aren’t the only source of this pathogen. It can also be present in soil and bird droppings.

Strong odours from bat droppings

In addition to posing a significant health risk to the occupants of a residence infested with bats, the droppings of these mammals can also be a source of very unpleasant odours, comparable to ammonia.

Since bats infesting houses or buildings often choose to settle in attics or roofs, where insulation materials are usually found, these materials can often be contaminated by droppings and urine and need to be replaced. Indeed, the absorbent nature of materials such as mineral wool makes it almost impossible to clean them, even for specialists in the field.

Building material damage caused by bat droppings

Bat droppings are very rich in acids. This feature means that materials in contact with the guano are likely to degrade prematurely. For example, roof trusses and wooden beams in an attic can be weakened by prolonged contact with a large amount of bat feces. This is another reason to ensure that the room is decontaminated as quickly as possible when an infestation of these small flying mammals occurs.

Elite Pest Control: the standard for decontaminating a room exposed to bat droppings

In light of this information, you probably have a better understanding of the importance of not only decontaminating a room affected by bat droppings, but also of having it decontaminated by specialists in the field.

With this in mind, choosing the decontamination service offered by Elite Pest Control is a sensible and safe choice. Our technicians have mastered the specific techniques and equipment required to decontaminate an area infested by bats in a safe manner. Contact them now!