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Marmots, skunks, rats, pigeons. Many wild animals decide to settle in urban areas. Indeed, many species come seeking refuge and food to live and reproduce in peace.

But how can we cope with the high influx of these animal species in the cities of Quebec and how can we possibly live alongside them?

Many species are present in our cities

Among the wild animals most represented in Quebec cities, we find a wide variety of species of different sizes searching for food or lodging above all else.

For example, marmots, who are part of the rodent family, will not hesitate to break into public parks or gardens to build a cozy burrow. Skunks, meanwhile, invade cities in search of food of all kinds to satisfy their hunger. They can easily be recognized by their black and white fur or the unmistakable smell they emit when trying to protect themselves. Raccoons also build their homes in our cities and are not the slightest bit afraid when it comes to taking peoples food. Mice and rats pose a real threat to our cities by infiltrating into the smallest spaces. The list could go on indefinitely since countless animal species call the city their home. However, some find it more pleasing than others.

Wild animals seek shelter

For many wild animals, the city offers a wide selection of warm and dry shelters. Our houses, as well as public buildings, provide them with a safe haven from bad weather. Unlike life in the wild, all homes provide a strong source of heat and allow animals to live in greater comfort than the forest. This is one of the reasons why these species are so resistant to the intensity of Quebec winters.

Wild animals search for food

Garbage bins

Food is readily available in large quantities for wild animals in the city. You only need to look at the state of our garbage bins after being rummaged through by a raccoon or a few squirrels. We provide them with several meals a week simply by taking out the trash. Rodents like mice or rats will directly serve themselves in our kitchens.

The city’s inhabitants

With the spread of these animals in our cities, more and more people decide to feed them in the streets. This leads to an increase in the number of wild animals in the cities of Quebec. It should be pointed out that feeding wild animals is strictly forbidden in the city and that it is punishable by a fine of between 1 and 1000 dollars. Only bird feeders in gardens are permitted.

Cities in Quebec: a place of cohabitation

Wild animals enjoy many benefits living in our Quebec cities rather than returning to their natural environment. If you have an infestation problem, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists.