A good pest control company will deal with insects and other pest problems in three stages: prevention, detection and extermination. Each step is absolutely essential in getting rid of pests completely.

At Elite Pest Control, we go beyond the basics. In addition to providing the usual pest control services, we are one of the few exterminators in Montreal and throughout Quebec that is certified to offer a microbial decontamination and cleanup service. We do the job carefully and professionally, because we care about people’s health and we respect the environment.

This certification means we can offer you a comprehensive approach to pest control. We detect the presence of rodents, insects or birds in your attic, in your walls or in the basement. We set traps or fumigate to get rid of the pest, and, if you choose the service, we clean and sanitize the area to make sure it’s safe. This last step is crucial in preserving the health of the occupants, as excrement and carcasses sometimes harbour pathogenic bacteria that can be released into the air and infect humans.


Pest prevention involves identifying the entry points used by pests and insects that are getting into your building; it is part of every Elite Pest Control visit. One of our exterminators will conduct a thorough inspection inside and outside the house or building. They will then give you some valuable advice to help you increase your chances of keeping unwanted pests out.

Sealing up holes and cracks on your building’s exterior is one of the services we offer, and it can be done even if you haven’t noticed any insects or animals to date. Although it’s usually done at the same time as an extermination, it is an essential part of our prevention service. From spring through the fall, we can also do preventive spraying around your property and in your yard.


The core step of pest control is extermination. Our extermination services include a variety of approaches and techniques designed to get rid of mice, rats, raccoons, bed bugs, cockroaches, carpenter ants, spiders and other pests.

Depending on your specific situation, we will choose a strategy that is known to be effective for the type of vermin that we’ve identified. This may include traps, bait, cages, fumigation, repellent powders, pastes or liquids.


After the extermination, the next essential step is microbial decontamination. This must be carried out by trained experts who have the right equipment and safety-rated sanitizing products. At Elite Extermination, the cleanup of excrement, dead animals and dead insects is done with the utmost care. We use top-rated protective clothing and methods so disease-causing germs don’t escape into the air in your home.


Whether it’s done preventively, before any vermin can enter your building, or after an infestation, home sealing or caulking services ensure that pests don’t seek shelter in the comfort of your home ever again. Our technicians place physical barriers at entry points using wire mesh, cement or sealants. We seal up every exterior opening in the building that could be a gateway for insects, birds and small mammals.

Guaranteed, turnkey pest control services

Regardless of the pest emergency that leads you to call us, our technicians always approach the problem by working with all three pillars of pest control: prevention, detection and extermination. No single one of them can be effective if the others are not dealt with as well.

It would be irresponsible of us to exterminate or capture unwanted pests in your home or commercial building without analyzing how they gained entry. We fix the problem at the source and implement preventive measures so you can get rid of the pests without having to repeat the treatment cycle. If, for whatever reason, the pests get in again, you’re not on your own: all our pest control services are guaranteed for five years.


Contact our team of pest control experts today! Whether for 24 hour pest control in the event of an emergency or for a simple inspection, our technicians will support and advise you on the most suitable measures to put in place to permanently solve your invasion problem.