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Call Elite Pest Control to do a professional pest and rodent cleanup—we are one of the only companies in Quebec that offers a disinfection and sterilization service after the removal of wild animals and insects from your home. We serve the areas of Montreal, Gatineau, Laval, Repentigny, St-Jérôme and Trois-Rivières.

A decontamination service after extermination


Decontaminate your home after an extermination

Get rid of pathogens and parasites left behind by pests in your home


Restore areas damaged by an infestation

Replace materials that were damaged during an infestation


Rediscover a healthy home

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Pests that can infest and damage your home

Our exterminators are trained to remove and clean up after a variety of pests that commonly bother householders. In every instance, the feces and urine of these animals presents real health risks to nearby humans.

Here are some of the pest control services we provide:

Insect infestations that require decontamination

Watch the subtitled video on our homepage to learn why cockroaches and other insects pose a health risk to your home. Here are some of the insects we have eliminated from Quebec homes:

  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Carpenter ants
  • Cockroaches

The full extermination and decontamination process


When we respond to a call for extermination or attic decontamination, we must first inspect the building from the inside and outside. We look at all possible entry points and estimate the manpower and budget required to deal with the infestation, seal the holes and clean up the mess they left behind. At this point, we can determine the extent of the damage and whether a full or partial pest cleanup and disinfection is necessary.


After our certified pest-control technician has inspected the premises, he or she will remove the animals. Depending on the kind of pest you are unwittingly hosting in your home, the complete removal may be a one-time event or it may take place over a period of days. If you have an infestation of rats, mice, bats or birds, we place traps and/or nets to catch and remove them over a foreseeable time period. To get rid of raccoons, we use mechanical traps.

Home sealing and prevention

Sealing up all holes and cracks is critical, as any missed openings will be the next entry point for other rodents or wild animals. Rats and mice, for instance, dribble pheromone-laden urine as they pass through such holes; their natural chemical odours serve as a trail marker for other rodents looking for ways into your house. Our sealing and caulking services will prevent any more pests from intruding.


Microbial decontamination can be a short or long process, depending on the degree of the infestation and damage in your attic. It is important to use caution near wild animal droppings and urine, as pathogens can be displaced and travel through the air like dust particles. We use Hepa-filtered vacuum cleaners, and our technicians wear masks and protective clothing suitable for hazardous bio-waste.

How we decontaminate your home


Before microbial decontamination, the pest control technician sprays down the feces, urine and surrounding area with a moistening detergent to limit the release of airborne pathogens from the excrement. We treat all contaminated areas as though they could be harbouring animal secretions, skin oils, insects, parasites, fungus spores and disease-causing germs.


The technician removes any dead animals and insects, as well as all contaminated residues and soft materials, such as insulation. Excrement and soiled materials are sealed in bags for immediate disposal.

Cleaning and sterilization

Once the contaminated area has been prepared, we clean and sterilize the area with heat and Environment Canada-approved biocides, enzyme-based disinfectants and deodorants. Our primary goal is to eliminate the fleas, mites and microbes left behind by the pests. A steam cleaning technique is particularly effective for our secondary goal: removing the pheromones that bats and other wild animals use to communicate with others of their species, especially those that haven’t yet discovered the comforts of your attic.

Reinstallation of insulation

As part of our turnkey service, if we had to remove any contaminated insulation, we replace it and restore the attic to its original state.


The complete elimination of rodents, insects or other pests in your home depends on the preventive measures you take. Your Elite Pest Control technician surveys the entirety of your home in order to remove potential nesting sites and block all possible entry points.

Don’t take a risk

As proud members of the Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasitaire, we follow federal government regulations throughout the process. The decontamination products we use are all approved by Health Canada.


Don’t take any chances with you or your family’s health. Visit our website Elite Decontamination to talk to a professional today!