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Our pest extermination service offers you a complete defense to secure your spaces from harmful intruders. Using state-of-the-art ecological techniques, we create an effective, long-lasting protective shield for your home or workplace, ensuring a healthy living environment.

Our Montreal exterminators adopt tailored approaches, designed to precisely meet your requirements. Our expert staff specialize in the detection and elimination of a wide variety of pests, prioritizing prevention to minimize the risk of recurrence. Opt for our service and enjoy peace of mind, backed by our team’s recognized expertise in the field of extermination.

Exterminate pests

Get rid of any insects or animals that threaten your quality of life or your health

Responsible extermination methods

Low environmental impact methods designed for residential and commercial buildings

Protect your building

Our experts deal with pests to restore your building’s integrity

24-hour availability

We are here to support you and offer a personalized service before, during and after the pest control intervention

Customized extermination services

Secure your home or workplace against pest infestations today! With our extermination services, benefit from customized strategies to annihilate and prevent infestations. Schedule a free evaluation and learn more about our methods for ensuring a clean, pest-free space. Don’t wait to build a clean, pest-free environment!


“An honest professional and nice person, and on top of that he can get rid of bugs—wow. See this comment on Facebook
François, L’Assomption
“I had an ant problem in the house and they took care of it fast! I’ve never had any further problems by following the preventive treatments that they suggested.  ”
Korinne Foucher
“I just wanted to heartily thank the technician who came to do a bed bug treatment at my house! Without him, I never could have dealt with this. Good thing he was patient, because I had a lot of questions…I would never have known what to do and he was ready to answer all my questions…this is an excellent company, clean, effective and very, very reliable. I would recommend them to anybody Many thank-you’s for everything! See this comment on Google+  ”
Jennifer Ayoub, Gatineau
“Bye-bye deer mice! Thank-you to Elite Extermination for taking care of my growing problem on the first try. You were patient and professional in explaining to me the problem and how we should solve it. Excellent team, very nice, pleasant to do business with you.  ”
Jérémie Houle, Terrebonne
“Thank you again for the excellent service… Very, very professional. Thanks for your precious help..  ”
Mrs. Tessier, Gatineau
“I brought in Elite for bed bug treatment in my five-unit apartment block. They give excellent service that’s fast and effective and they’re always available for follow-up after treatments. Always very personable. See this comment on Facebook  ”

Contacting our exterminators to get rid of pests is your guarantee of a fast, effective and lasting solution to your infestation problems. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of pest behavior, enabling us to identify the source of the infestation and apply the most suitable treatments to eliminate the intruders from your space for good.

By choosing our services, you also benefit from an environmentally-friendly approach, minimizing the use of harmful chemicals and prioritizing solutions that are safe for your family, your pets and nature. What’s more, we offer personalized advice to prevent future invasions, helping you maintain a healthy, protected environment over the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pest inspection and identification

When you contact us after noticing a pest problem at your home or business, it’s important to give us as much detail as possible about the type of pests. In some cases, you may already know what you’re dealing with after spotting a trail of ants or a fleeing mouse in your cupboard. Other times, you may only have some secondary evidence that there’s a problem.

  • Have you noticed pellets or piles of excrement at a certain location?
  • Have you found nibbled-on foods in your pantry?
  • Have you noticed black spots on your bedsheets?
  • Do you hear strange noises, but only at night?

At times, a visual inspection isn’t enough to accurately determine the starting point of the infestation. In instances such as these, we use a thermal camera, which produces images something like an X-ray. This technology allows us to detect the warmer areas of the building where rodent nests and parasites are producing moisture and heat. Thermal imaging allows us to be highly effective in calculating where to start the pest extermination procedure without having to destroy any part of the building.

2. Choosing a pest control strategy

Once we identify the kind of insect or nuisance wildlife we’re dealing with, we can choose a suitable approach for our pest extermination services. Every type of vermin has its own distinct behaviours with respect to nesting sites, reproduction, foraging and survival at different temperatures. The type of pesticide to be fumigated or the method of capture must be selected accordingly. But that’s not all—we also consider some other important factors.

The area to be treated

If cockroaches have taken over your kitchen or carpenter ants are eating away the internal structure of a daycare building, we opt for a treatment suitable for places where food is handled.

The other occupants

Are there children, elderly people, individuals with immune diseases or domestic animals living in the area that needs to be treated? If the answer is yes, we avoid certain pesticides and decontaminants.

The extent of the infestation

If the infestation is minimal, our pest extermination service involves a physical approach, where vermin are led outdoors and barriers put in place. If the infestation is advanced, we use fumigation.

3. Treatment

Elite Pest Control cares about your health and the environment. We are committed to protecting ecosystems, so our pest control experts always use low-impact products when providing extermination services, regardless of which pest control method is selected. We use pesticides only when it’s necessary, and we always start with the lowest possible doses. In addition, all our products are recommended by the Association Québécoise de Gestion Parasitaire.

Here are the main strategies our pest extermination service will put in place, depending on the type of pest we’re dealing with:

Rodents: mice, rats and shrews.

A mouse exterminator will set traps and bait in your attic, in the suspended ceiling of your basement or in any other place where rodents have infiltrated, and we return to check our traps regularly. On occasion, we also use poisons to eliminate a colony. The poisons we use are designed to have a delayed effect so the rodents die outside the house instead of indoors.

Raccoons, groundhogs, skunks

The preferred method is cage-capture, followed by relocation. Our Montreal pest control experts are trained to do their work efficiently, without hurting the animals. We attract them with apples and other bait and then catch them, all while wearing gloves and protective gear.

4. Sealing and exterminator follow-up

Once we complete the treatment, we check the residence or business for any openings that might allow a re-infestation. Our pest extermination services include the preventative sealing or caulking of all possible pest entry points; this may even include setting heavy-gauge wire mesh around a shed to prevent the return of unwanted wildlife. The main goal of our technicians is to fix the problem at the source so pests won’t continue to disturb the peaceful environment of your home.

To solve the problem once and for all, follow-up visits are often necessary. Our pest control experts will come to your home at regular intervals to check traps and bait and ensure that no other vermin have infiltrated. Other treatments may be carried out as required.