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Our pest insulation service offers a comprehensive defense against pest infestation. By adopting cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly techniques, we create a solid, persistent bulwark for your homes and business premises, ensuring the purity and safety of your environment.

We are dedicated to developing tailor-made strategies, designed to precisely meet your specific expectations. Our team, expert in the recognition and neutralization of all kinds of pests, focuses on preventive measures to prevent their return. By working with us, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind, knowing that your space is protected by the most effective techniques in the field.

Sustainable replacement

Replace harmful soiled insulation with new, durable and energy-efficient materials

Professional service

Let our experts ensure that your insulation poses no danger to your health due to vermiculite

Respect for Quebec standards

All our work methods and the insulation products we use comply with all current standards in Quebec

Available 24/7 and in emergency

Whatever your emergency, our experts are available around the clock at 1 (888) 386-0102.

A professional insulation service

Secure your home or workplace against pest infestation today! With our pest isolation service, benefit from strategies tailored to your needs to eradicate and block future infestations. Request a free evaluation today to learn how we can sanitize your space, keeping it pest-free.


“Hello, just a few words to highlight the quality work done at my home in Rawdon by Mr. Daniel Bisson. I’m very satisfied with his efforts and with the service and professionalism of your company.  ”
Marino Tremblay, Rawdon
“Thanks guys for your excellent service. You’re sure not afraid of a big wasps nest…  ”
Gilles, Montreal
“Only place I will use!! They are the best in keeping the spiders away in Montreal! Thank you!  ”
Anna Levens, Montreal
“Your company did an awesome job getting rid of the wasps at my parents’ house in Ottawa. Will definitely use you guys again if we come across another issue.  ”
Shelby Jones, Ottawa
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Kate, Repentigny
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Alka, Aylmer

We know that insulation and renovation can disrupt your daily home life. That is why our technicians do everything in their power to intrude as little as possible into your living space, all while working efficiently.

We recommend that you plan for a two-day period to re-insulate your attic, although we are often able to finish everything in one day.

Our rates are based on the number of square feet to be insulated. It will be our pleasure to evaluate the extent of the work to be done in your home and offer you a free estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why replace insulation in the attic after contamination?

When pests enter your house—especially rodents—they make nests and latrines and dig tunnels in insulating materials. Whether it’s in your attic, garage or basement, an insulating product is no longer effective when it’s filled with holes and soiled by animal excrement and urine.

Not only will you experience heat loss and higher energy costs, but you could be liable for hidden defects when you sell your home. It’s imperative to remove all contaminated insulation and carry out a full decontamination of the space.

When should I use an insulation service?

Maybe you’ve never had to deal with pests in your attic, which is great! However, if your home is older, that same insulation that kept pests at bay could be non-compliant with current building codes. Additionally, any old insulating materials deteriorate over time and will no longer retain heat as they should. In either case, re-insulating your house will help you reduce your heating costs in winter and your air conditioning bill in summer.

What types of insulation do we use?

For roof and attic insulation, and for insulation elsewhere in your house, we use products that meet current standards and that have an insulation factor of R-40 or R-50, whichever you prefer. Our most popular products are cellulose panels and sprayed polyurethane foam.


  • Resistant to mould, corrosion and fire
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Covers 100% of space and requires no seals
  • Can be used everywhere except in basements
  • Contains recycled paper and has a positive environmental assessment

Polyurethane foam

  • Foam spray, expands up to 28 times its original volume and hardens when dry
  • Provides the highest thermal resistance on the market
  • Resistant to mould and moisture
  • Fire, air and vapour barrier
  • Excellent insulator in basement walls, exterior walls, door and window frames

Elite Pest Control is licensed by Quebec’s Régie du Bâtiment to do your insulation work. Our methods and the products we use comply with all applicable standards.

What is vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a lightweight material similar to mica; it has long been used as insulation for roofs, walls and under basement floors. Many homes in Canada were insulated with this ore between the 1920s and 1990s. One type of vermiculite contains asbestos, a natural product which is highly hazardous to the health and that can cause asbestosis and lung cancer.

If your roof was insulated with vermiculite and you’re not sure whether it contains asbestos, our technicians can take a sample of the material and have it analyzed by a laboratory. If the vermiculite contains 3% or less of asbestos, we can replace the insulation; otherwise, you’ll need to hire a company specializing in asbestos removal.