Pest prevention – keeping out vermin is a winning strategy

If you dread finding yourself face-to-face with a cockroach or mouse in your home, you should consider a pest-prevention service. Prevention is always the easiest and most economical solution when it comes to vermin.

At Elite Extermination, our preventive pest-control program has three components:

  • The elimination of pest-friendly elements in your home
  • Closing off entry points
  • Detection and extermination

How not to attract pests into your home

Among our prevention strategies, the easiest one to implement is to change or get rid of anything that attracts insects, rodents and bugs inside your home or place of business.

Unfortunately, most people only think of pest-proofing their building after the infestation has already become established. If that’s the case for you, call Elite Extermination. We will get rid of the unwanted visitors and give you advice about how to prevent re-infestation.

In the meantime, here are some tips that will help you lower your chances of a bug or rodent invasion:

Be vigilant in high-risk areas

Wherever there’s food, there’s a risk of attracting pests—that’s the case for home kitchens, grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries or bulk-food stores. Wherever possible, keep food in sealed containers, as insects and rodents can easily gnaw through plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

Keep your home clean

Regular housekeeping is key; run the vacuum cleaner frequently and wipe down all food-preparation surfaces. Make sure no food crumbs are left on floors, counters and under small appliances like the toaster.

Monitor humidity levels

Woodlice, silverfish and cockroaches like damp areas. Invest in a good dehumidifier for the basement and install or repair your bathroom fan.

By cutting off water and food sources for pests, you increase your chances of keeping your home rodent- and insect-free. Keep in mind that if you live in an apartment building or condominium, you’ll have to be even more vigilant; even if you’re very careful, pests can find ways through tiny openings and invade from a neighbouring unit

We block entry points to keep pests from getting in

One of the most important steps in preventive pest control is creating physical barriers that keep critters out. By sealing holes and cracks, we make sure ants, spiders, rats, fieldmice, bats and other small mammals stay out of your home and off your property.

Our experienced exterminators have a sixth sense when it comes to finding even the smallest holes and cracks that can let a pest get into your building. Our technicians are familiar with the reproductive and feeding habits of the animals and insects that commonly seek shelter in homes and commercial buildings; they know exactly where to look for potential entry points and they know how to close them up.

During the full inspection that is included in our home sealing service, our exterminators pay special attention to:

  • Your doors and windows, to make sure they’re properly sealed
  • The foundation, exterior walls and roof, to see if there are any cracks and holes
  • All air vents and outlets for appliances and utilities lines

When an entry point is identified, our exterminator blocks it with wire mesh, cement or another sealant suitable for the type of opening. Our precision work ensures an aesthetic finish, and we always try to make physical barriers as unobtrusive as possible.

If your attic hasn’t yet been invaded by rodents or birds but you’ve noticed openings that could let them get in to nest, call us to talk about home sealing. This preventive measure lets us head off any future problems with insects and unwanted animals.

The clues we follow to detect and eliminate pests

Unfortunately, rodents and other pests can quietly infest your home before you have a chance to put in place any preventive strategies. Here are some signs that will alert you to their presence:

  • Small piles of sawdust, even though you haven’t done any renovating lately
  • Excrement (stools or pellets) and urine
  • Holes and gouge marks in walls, cupboards, baseboards, etc.
  • Food containers and packaging that have been gnawed through
  • Bug cocoons or insects
  • Dead animals or tufts of animal hair

As soon as you suspect the presence of pests, contact us so we can confirm whether you’re dealing with pests, and if so, which kind. We will then set in motion an extermination and pest-prevention plan to get rid of the pests that are already present and make sure there are no further infestations.

Preventive spraying outdoors

From spring through fall, earwigs, ants, spiders, wasps, and flies can disturb your peace of mind as you try to enjoy the milder months in and around your home. To prevent the formation of nesting areas and hives indoors and outdoors, we can spray the area with biodegradable products approved by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Action Against Climate Change.

We treat the area around the house and yard, including the swimming pool, deck, shed, spa, gazebo and children’s play modules. We also do a visual inspection of your property and inform you of any measures that can be taken to keep rodents and unwanted wildlife out of your garden and out from under your shed or deck.


To discuss a prevention strategy that will keep insects and bothersome animals out of your home, contact Elite Pest Control today.