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Our caulking service is not only a preventive pest control solution, but also a proactive measure to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment in your home. We offer sealing and caulking services throughout Quebec, so you can finally say goodbye to the unwanted insects and rodents that are disrupting your peace and quiet.

Fast and effective caulking services


Professional inspection

Your home or business will be inspected in its entirety for any nooks and crannies that can be entry points for pests


Using quality materials

The various materials we use guarantee the efficiency and discretion of the physical barriers installed.


Environmentally friendly caulking methods

Pest control caulking is an eco-friendly way of preventing infestations without the use of pesticides or other chemical products.

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    How do pests get into your home?

    The most effective way to prevent pests from entering your house is to seal all holes and cracks. This will ensure that they will not be able to penetrate the walls or hide in inaccessible places.

    However, in order to properly seal your windows and other places around your house, you need to locate the areas where the pests can get in.

    Here are some examples that might put a bug in your ear about the importance of sealing and caulking:

    Nearby trees

    Do you have trees whose branches are almost touching the roof? Rodents such as mice, squirrels and raccoons are good climbers. Thanks to these trees, they can easily climb onto your roof, create an opening in a piece of worn down shingle and make themselves at home inside your attic.

    To avoid this, prune the long tree branches that could offer pests access to your house.

    Damaged soffits or roofs

    Soffits and the underside of gutters are prime nesting areas for birds. In addition, it may be worthwhile to get rid of any birds nesting in your roof to avoid future issues.

    If there’s a hole or crack giving access to your attic or rooftop, bats could end up living in your roof to shelter from the elements during the winter.

    Similarly, mice can enter your home via areas that aren’t sufficiently sealed. These small mammals appreciate the comfort of the insulating materials used in most home attics.

    Unsealed openings

    Do you have a wall-mounted air conditioner, heat pump or gas fireplace with a chimney on the side of your house? Are your outlets, taps and vents sealed off? Think washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and attic air vents.

    If they aren’t sealed, you could easily fall victim to a mouse infestation. Mice are able to pass through an opening that’s only 5 to 7 mm wide, which is about the width of a pencil.

    Prevent intrusions

    If any of these scenarios sound familiar, make an appointment with our emergency exterminators and our pest caulking specialists will be happy to caulk any holes and openings in your home to prevent any future visits from unwelcome intruders.

    How do we seal and caulk your house?

    When you schedule a caulking service, one of our experts performs a complete inspection of the building to find any cracks, holes or openings that could be an entry point for pests. They then show you what the inspection reveals and, with your consent, start the home sealing and caulking process.

    We use different types of materials to create a robust barrier against potential visitors.

    Galvanized steel and aluminum mesh

    If placed in certain strategic locations, these caulking solutions can discourage raccoons from venturing into your property. Wire mesh barriers are very useful in the back yard as they can keep skunks and marmots out of your shed.

    Finely woven wire mesh

    This type of caulking material is used to cover air vents, air-exchange outlets, dryer vents and any other openings that can’t be sealed up completely.

    Cement and caulking

    Cement and caulking are used to seal holes, cracks and fissures in the walls and foundation of the house, as well as on the roof. Cement and sealant are particularly effective solutions for expert caulking.

    Specially selected caulking materials

    All the materials we use are strong, durable and designed to withstand Quebec winters. Our pest control experts use a caulking technique that allows them to be very precise in their work and preserve the aesthetic finish of your home’s exterior.

    We also ensure, as much as is possible, that any physical barriers we use are not visible. Each opening is sealed in such a way that it does not interfere with the house insulation while effectively preventing pests from entering.

    The advantages of home sealing and caulking

    Whether in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, Repentigny or elsewhere in the province of Quebec, plugging and sealing openings is the best way to prevent pests from getting into your home. Pest control caulking therefore has lots of advantages.

    It’s environmentally friendly

    When we remove all access to your home for pests, we’re addressing the problem directly at the source. We don’t need to resort to pesticides and other chemicals.

    It’s cost-effective

    By eliminating the need to keep treating pest infestations, you save money.

    It’s preventative

    By adopting caulking solutions in your house, you protect yourself against the possibility of big infestation problems in the future.

    It maintains your building’s value

    In addition to preventing undesirable insects and animals from visiting, repairing cracks is a good way to keep your home shipshape and maintain its market value.

    Don’t wait any longer to keep your home safe from insect or animal infestations. Treat yourself to some peace of mind and contact us today about our home sealing and caulking services and our five-year guarantee.


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