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When insects, vermin or other pests settle in a rental property, this can cause conflicts between tenants. Since these intruders are harmful to the health of the residents, prompt action must be taken at the first sign of an outbreak.

Do you have an infestation problem but don’t know if you should contact your landlord? Find out who is responsible for contacting an exterminator.

The landlord’s role in a rental property infestation

According to the City of Montreal’s Regulation on the sanitation of dwellings, with respect to the maintenance and safety of housing, the landlord is generally held responsible for pest control and prevention of infestations.

In the event that a residence is infested, the services of a licensed pest control company must be sought to ensure proper inspection and treatment of the premises. The landlord is also responsible for paying the exterminator’s bill.

Once the work has been completed by the professional, the owner must provide the municipal inspector with a certificate stating that the extermination tasks to be performed have been completed.

However, there are certain situations where the owner cannot bear full responsibility. For example, if the landlord proves to the Régie du logement that the tenant has unhealthy living behaviours, which could be the cause of the infestation, the tenant could become responsible.

During an evaluation, the exterminator can help the landlord determine whether or not the tenant’s living conditions attract pests.

The tenant’s responsibility when a rental property becomes infested

In the case of an infestation, the tenant also has a share of responsibility. Although it is not as great as the landlord’s, the tenant must immediately inform his landlord of the presence of pests in the rental property.

If you are a tenant and your landlord is rarely present, don’t just do nothing. In these situations, it is important to act quickly. If you live in Laval or any other area on the North Shore, you can contact a Laval exterminator. Once the work has been completed, the owner will have to cooperate to cover the costs incurred.

The tenant must also comply with certain measures. The tenant is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the dwelling, for disinfecting cartons or furniture that come from outside, for regularly emptying the garbage, etc. If the tenant is the cause of an infestation problem, the tenant may be considered responsible for the financial burden.

A shared responsibility during a pest infestation

While landlords have greater responsibilities, tenants must also ensure that they maintain a healthy living environment inside their apartment and report the presence of pests on the premises as soon as possible.

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