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There are many factors that can encourage rodents to move inside your home or venture into the vicinity of your property. This presence can sometimes be complicated to manage, which is why it is important to use practical techniques to prevent it.

Are you concerned about the environment and animals and wondering whether wire mesh screens are an effective rodent control solution?

Read this article for advice from our pest control experts. Let’s get started!

Wire mesh screens: practical solution to block off rodent access

Various techniques can be used for rodent control. Among the various sealing service options, the wire mesh screen is very effective. This barrier can discourage rodents from venturing into your garden and even from intruding into your home.

During a consultation with a caulking expert, they will evaluate your home and your property to identify possible entry points for pests. Once this evaluation is completed, they can determine the necessary procedures to close all access to your property.

Different types of wire mesh screens to meet your needs

When you call in a sealing or caulking expert, they can assess which type of screen will be most useful in solving or avoiding invasion problems. There are usually two more desirable models.

Finely woven wire mesh

Finely woven wire mesh is more commonly used to cover external areas that cannot be sealed. This mesh can therefore be used to block possible passages in air vents, air exchanger outlets or even tumble dryers.

This type of mesh is generally used in areas that are more difficult to access. This prevents small rodents such as rats and mice from getting inside.

Galvanized steel and aluminium mesh

Galvanized steel and aluminum mesh is more commonly used to seal larger outdoor areas such as garden sheds.

These thicker and stronger screens help prevent large animals such as skunks or groundhogs from getting under your shed.

Prevent rodent access with a wire mesh screen

All in all, there are various solutions to control the presence of rodents. Wire mesh screens are one of them. This eco-friendly and effective technique will help you avoid possible damage caused by rodents without harming their health.

If you want to protect yourself against possible intrusion problems, contact Elite Pest Control. Our qualified employees are specialized in extermination and decontamination and can provide you with advice and services that meet your needs.