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Groundhogs are one of Canada’s most iconic animals. They are very common in Quebec, with a fondness for the province’s wide open plains. Unfortunately, their presence spells trouble for homeowners, whose yards, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens are often damaged by the rodents.

Groundhogs are a type of marmot. If you see signs of the creatures on your property, it can be useful to know how to get rid of them. To that end, our experts present 9 tips you can try to get rid of groundhogs naturally before resorting to professional extermination.

1. Plant flowers and herbs to keep groundhogs away

There are many natural solutions for getting rid of groundhogs. Certain types of fragrant flowers will repel groundhogs and other pests—daffodils and hyacinths are some of the most effective.

There are other plants you can use to scare away groundhogs as well. Thyme, lavender, chives and other aromatic herbs are very effective against them.

2. Scatter spices around your garden and yard

Spices can do more than just add flavour to our dishes! Spices like pepper, cayenne and tabasco will naturally keep groundhogs away for good. Mix all of these spices together to create an even more effective and strong-smelling repellent.

3. Spray your property with predator urine

Coyotes and foxes are predators whose scent will scare away groundhogs. Of course, there’s no need to actually get your hands on one of these animals in order to use their natural advantages against the pests—you can simply purchase predator urine at your local gardening store or online.

Once you have the urine in your possession, spray it around your yard and the groundhogs’ burrows. They’ll flee straightaway!

4. Place brightly coloured objects around your property

To get rid of groundhogs naturally, place brightly coloured objects around your yard, flowerbeds and vegetable garden. Groundhogs don’t like vivid colours and tend to keep away from them.

Try placing some colourful toys that your children no longer use at each corner of your yard. You can also hang up some aluminum pans or CDs that will sparkle in the sun.

Beach balls are another great way to scare groundhogs away from your property. Tie one end of the ball to a long string and secure it in the middle of your yard. The colourful ball will get blown about by the slightest gust of wind, acting like a scarecrow.


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5. Scatter hair or fur on your property

Another natural groundhog repellent is human hair and animal fur. Groundhogs consider humans to be predators, just like foxes and coyotes, so collect some of your hair and some of your pet’s fur for good measure and scatter it at the entrances to your property to deter groundhogs.

6. Keep your property free of debris

Groundhogs like to hide in places that are difficult for predators to find. They are particularly fond of large rocks, branches and piles of wood. If these types of hiding places are available in your yard, flowerbeds or vegetable garden, groundhogs will be more likely to make themselves at home on your property, so it’s important to eliminate them wherever possible!

7. Use mothballs to get rid of groundhogs

Mothballs are another effective way of repelling groundhogs. Made with naphthalene, mothballs produce a smell that groundhogs detest and can detect even at very low concentrations.

Note that mothballs can be dangerous for pets and children, so be careful where and how you use them.

8. Install motion sensor lights

The last two methods on this list are not exactly natural, because they require electronic devices, but they are nevertheless effective at getting rid of groundhogs without harming them.

Place motion sensor lights in your yard in such a way that animals cannot move around without being surprised by a bright spotlight. This is a sure-fire way to deter unwanted furry visitors!

9. Install motion-activated sprinklers

Like motion sensor lights, motion-activated sprinklers are a good way to protect your property from pests. Not only will this solution keep groundhogs away, but it will also keep your plants and grass well-watered.

There are a variety of motion-activated sprinklers available on the market, so you can test out a few to see which one works best!

What solutions will you use to get rid of groundhogs naturally?

As you can see, there are many natural techniques for scaring groundhogs away. Most of these methods will also work on other pests like possums and racoons.

If you try these tips but find that groundhogs remain on your property despite your best efforts, we recommend calling a professional groundhog exterminator.

The technicians at Elite Pest Control can efficiently liberate your property from groundhogs, so don’t wait! Contact us today, and we will be pleased to assist you.

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