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As human activity increasingly reduces the size of ​​natural habitats, an increasing number of wild animals are faced with a lack of available food. Of those you are most likely encounter near your home, raccoons are probably the least reputable.

But is this unenviable reputation justified? Are raccoons dangerous for Quebec residents? Here are some indications that could confirm that these wild animals are indeed a threat to Quebecers.

Raccoons are a vector of disease

Raccoons can transmit rabies

Raccoons can carry many dangerous diseases, including rabies. While incidents involving rabid raccoons attacking humans are rare, you certainly don’t want to run the risk of an infected animal transmitting this serious disease.

After being bitten, the rabies virus spreads through nerve cells. Once in the brain, the virus multiplies rapidly. This activity causes severe inflammation of the brain and spinal cord after which the person’s general condition deteriorates rapidly. If the case isn’t handled quickly, the consequences can be disastrous.

Their feces can contain pathogens

Raccoons also carry two other diseases, roundworm and leptospirosis, which can also be transmitted to humans and pets. If a raccoon has roundworms, eggs will be present in its excrement. These eggs are a significant danger if they ingested or even inhaled. For this reason, you should wear disposable gloves and a mask when cleaning raccoon feces. It is unlikely that you will contract roundworms, but your pets very well might. If you are dealing with a large quantity of droppings, you should entrust decontamination specialists to collect them in order to limit the transmission risks.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can be present in contaminated soil and water. Infected raccoons disperse these dangerous bacteria by urinating. This condition is also rare in humans, but can cause liver failure, kidney damage and more. In some cases, it can lead to death.

Raccoons can cause serious property damage

Although raccoons are omnivorous, their canines are made to shred food. While their lower canines are rounded, the upper ones have the potential to do serious damage. If raccoons break into your attic, they can wreak havoc, even creating short circuits and increasing the risk of fire. In other cases, they can cause many thousands of dollars in damage by tearing apart insulating materials in the roof and contaminating them with their excrement.

To prevent these problems, make sure that raccoons have no access points to your home.

Protecting yourself from the danger of raccoons

In light of this information, you can understand that a raccoon presence shouldn’t be taken lightly. They may seem cute, but they are still a serious threat to your health and your home.

If you notice a raccoon presence near you, don’t waste any time and contact Elite Pest Control. Our team will be happy to help you ward them off and guarantee the safety of you and your loved ones.