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Raccoons are amazing little mammals. Though they may be cute, there are some disadvantages to having them on your property. If you’re struggling with raccoons and want to get rid of them, this article will be a valuable resource. Time to take notes!

A bit about raccoons before getting to trapping

Raccoon extermination isn’t always necessary since they are not always harmful on their own. After all, their diet is made up of a bunch of insects that we detest. Flies, spiders, carpenter ants and nasty cockroaches are some common meals for raccoons. In this regard, raccoons are very useful, and for that, we thank them!

Are raccoons really harmful?

Of course, living with the raccoon can be unpleasant. Since they also feed on grubs, raccoons have the unfortunate habit of ruining the lawns they prey on. And when they choose to move into your attic, these mammals can quickly damage the insulation and soil the premises.

Moreover, raccoons are not always docile. They can be aggressive and even carry rabies.

Preventive measures to apply

Before talking about trapping, some preventive measures should always be taken. Since they love to empty the trash, it is quite important to use very (very) resistant metal garbage cans. Cleaning them from time to time is also a good idea to eliminate the tempting odours that could attract them to your home.

Furthermore, to prevent raccoons from entering your home, cut down the branches that touch your house so that the raccoons can’t climb up. Likewise, seal all holes in soffits, vents, chimneys and eaves with wire mesh. This method is known as sealing or caulking and will keep raccoons at bay.

Don’t block access to a shed, balcony or patio if you see that the raccoon has small offspring. Municipalities have very strict by-laws on this matter, and as a citizen, it is your duty to comply with them.

Trapping raccoons and saying goodbye to the problem

If, despite your best efforts, a raccoon still finds shelter on your property, contact a pest control service, especially if the raccoon is inside your home. The company will know how to handle the situation better than you and will be happy to relocate the animal to the right place so that it can go on with its life.

If you live in the greater metropolitan area, a Montreal exterminator will be your greatest ally.

When you need to trap a raccoon

If you need to trap a raccoon, the intervention of a pest management company will help you quickly solve your problem. You should not attempt to trap the animal on your own unless you are well informed beforehand, since the risk of contracting rabies is very real.

We hope that this brief overview has helped you learn more about the subject. To learn more about the world of pest control services, visit the blog section of our website. And to leave the extermination of a pest species to professionals in the field, contact us.