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With the arrival of spring and during the summer, you will see flying black dots over your sink or fruit basket. There is no doubt fruit flies have started to unpack their bags in your home. Who are these insects and how can you liberate your house from these unwelcome visitors? Here are some explanations and tips from our experts.

What is a fruit fly?

The fruit fly, vinegar fly or drosophila, is a species of brown fly that is very small in size (between 2 and 4mm long). It is observable on most continents and has a lifespan of about 30 days; its reproductive cycle, lasting around ten days, favors its rapid proliferation in the home.

Although it is a parasite in the eyes of individuals and exterminators, it is a very popular insect in the scientific community. But why don’t these intruders stay in a laboratory rather than your kitchen? Because fermented foods are a great place for laying eggs, which can be as high as 35 per day. Ingestion of these eggs can lead to certain illnesses (stomach ache, diarrhea …).

How do you get rid of this flying intruder?

Prevent its emergence

If you have not yet seen fruit flies in your home, but want to prevent their arrival, a few simple things can be done:

  • Before recycling containers and bottles, be sure to rinse and dry them thoroughly (these insects are attracted by food, as well as moisture);
  • Wash, dry and store your dishes immediately after use;
  • Use waste containers with a lid and remember to disinfect them regularly (about once a week). Do not forget to regularly take out your garbage bags;
  • Before the summer, repair holes in your mosquito netting and avoid keeping your doors open during the season;
  • Keep your counters and floors clean.

If you want to strengthen pest prevention in your home, do not hesitate to use a prevention service offered by an extermination company.

Some pitfalls and tips

If you haven’t been able to prevent the arrival of fruit flies at home, do not panic. There are simple and effective ways around this:

  • Place ripe fruit peels in an open container in a mixture of soapy water; once trapped, the flies will not escape to overrun your food;
  • A similar method is to place a piece of banana in a container covered with a paper funnel, fixed with sticky paper: the food will attract the insects inside and the funnel will prevent them from coming out again. This avoids killing the flies, if you prefer a peaceful means of extermination;
  • If you have wine or apple cider vinegar in your kitchen, you can pour it into a glass, covered with a perforated plastic film (using a toothpick or fork). The liquid will trap the pests and, as with the funnel method, the film prevents their escape.

These solutions will be useful during a minor invasion. If the problem is more significant, we recommend calling a professional extermination service.

Is your fruit fly problem persisting?

Now you are ready to prevent and get rid of fruit flies in your home. If you have questions that are more specific to your home, or for a free quote for any type of extermination, we invite you to contact Elite Pest Control; our experts will be happy to offer you a solution

tailored to your needs.