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You live in a house and suspect the presence of bats in your attic or around your home and their presence bothers you? You are wondering what to do and how to scare bats away from your house.

As a reminder, this small flying mammal is not the most friendly and its nocturnal activity can cause a lot of damage. However, we remind you that it is out of the question to kill them and that there are 3 species listed as endangered in Canada by the government.

Rest assured, that there are different methods to keep bats away without harming them. In this article, our team of bat exterminators offers some tips on how to keep them away from your home safely.

How do you keep bats away


Before you can figure out how to scare bats away from your home, you need to detect their presence.

To do this, it’s a good idea to take a look at your attic, loft or garage. As you inspect these areas, see if you can detect the presence of droppings or noises (squeaks) in these spaces. Note that bat guano has the particularity of having shiny residues resembling undigested insect parts.

Once their presence is detected, it is advisable to call a professional, but if you want to act you can use these 3 quick and easy methods:

  1. The use of light;
  2. The use of ultrasound emitters;
  3. The use of natural repellents.

Light to get rid off bats

It is well known that bats hate light. In fact, that’s why they are constantly looking for a dark place to spend their days.

So, if you have a bat infestation, keep your garden lights on at night or install them if you can’t provide enough light around your home. You can also install a motion-sensitive light system in your attic and other dark areas of your home to scare away bats.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to choose LED bulbs to reduce your electricity consumption while still getting plenty of light!

The use of ultrasonic transmitters to keep bats away

Bats seek quiet, and don’t particularly like noisy places. To reduce your chances of having a bat problem, you can install an ultrasonic transmitter in your yard.

The sound signals emitted by these devices are inaudible to humans, but irritating to bats, which are able to hear a wider range of sound frequencies than we can.

Be aware, however, that the effectiveness of this ultrasonic device is variable, as it has a limited range and is difficult to maintain a continuous signal.

Some natural scents are effective against bats

Using natural repellents is one of the most effective ways to keep wildlife away from your home. It also works for these dear flying mammals.

Using some natural products have the advantage of being inexpensive, easy to set up, and available since you may already have them in your home:

– Mothballs,

– Essential oils of eucalyptus and mint.

These 3 techniques are effective to fight against an invasion, but also to prevent bats. Therefore you can use them right away even if the bats have not yet taken up residence in your home. You can never be too careful!

You’ve successfully get rid off bats: What to do next?


The methods described above can be effective in keeping bats away from your home. However, learn that there is no magic bullet and that bats may return as soon as you stop using these methods.

As you can see, there are other actions that need to be put in place to get rid of bats and the hassles that come with them for good.

1. Caulk your home to prevent the return of chiropterans

To ensure you avoid the return of pests, caulking after a bat infestation is essential.

Bats usually sneak into your home through the holes and cracks in your home. So, no matter how big or small they are, it’s important to seal off potential entry points around your home. You can do this yourself, or you can hire a professional caulking service, like the one we offer at Elite Pest Control.

This option is preferable since nothing beats the expertise of a certified technician. The know-how of a team of specialists will allow you to find the smallest nooks and crannies where these animals can infiltrate. What’s more, they will know how to make use of adequate products to permanently seal the entrances.

2. Check the condition of your attic and insulation

Prevention is key! So, if you’ve read up on your invaders, for example by reading the “All About Bats” section written by our team, you surely know that they can inflict quite a bit of damage due to their droppings, among other things.

Therefore, scaring and caulking the entry points is not enough:

Parasitic decontamination will allow you to avoid the health risks caused by the deposit of bat guano: it must be carried out with care and with adequate protective equipment,

– Checking the state of your attic insulation could save you many problems in the near future.

We know that invasion problems will resurface if only extermination is performed. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of comprehensive pest management services.

Get a professional service to get rid off bats

As you may have noticed, there are methods to keep bats away or prevent them from appearing, but they won’t be effective if the infestation has already started. If you have spotted a bat indoors, or if you have found animal droppings in your attic, do not hesitate to contact a team of professionals.

Elite Pest Control team is specialized in the prevention and extermination in Quebec. Our exterminators in Montreal will be able to determine which procedures to consider in order to permanently remove these unwanted pests from your home. Why not contact us for more information on this subject?

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