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Quebec’s wildlife is spread across a vast territory. In spite of this, our wonderful animals sometimes wander onto our properties.

When a raccoon, groundhog or skunk invades your yard, what can you do to keep these wild animals away?

Wild animals most likely to show up in your yard

Many species of wildlife are more likely to show up on your balcony or outside your patio door. These include:

  • Rat and mouse
  • Raccoon
  • Skunk
  • Otter
  • Weasel
  • Porcupine
  • And many other mammals and birds

These wild animals aren’t necessarily vicious

When they come to your home, these animals do not necessarily have malicious intentions. Nevertheless, they can ravage your vegetable gardens and cause damage to your house. When these events occur, it is a good idea to take action.

What can be done to keep these wild animals away from your yard while protecting wildlife at the same time?

How to keep them away

You can act early on with a little prevention.

The idea here is to keep the animal away from the house or prevent it from causing damage, without actually capturing it. We’re trying to deter it.

The first thing you can do is change your habits. For example:

  • Placing garbage in metal bins
  • Locking the lid on the trash can
  • Cleaning your trash cans frequently to limit odours

If you have pets, get into the habit of feeding them inside your home. Raccoons, squirrels and others love this kind of easily accessible food.

You can also fence off your garden or backyard and set up decoys to repel pigeons or other birds of prey.

You can also use a variety of visual, sound, odour and taste repellents.

Above all, avoid feeding wild animals, even if they look cute.

Caulking to the rescue

Keep wild animals away from your home by taking the time to walk around the house and looking for holes and crevices that they might use to get into your home.

Any space is enough for a rat or a field mouse to get into your home. Caulk the holes if you notice any.

When you need an exterminator

If despite your best efforts nothing works, call an exterminator. They will come to your rescue. Depending on the case, the exterminator can either capture the animal for relocation or drive it away with the right technique.

Many species are protected in Canada. If you wish to act on your own, make sure you respect the applicable laws.

Keep wild animals away from your home and make life more enjoyable

We are lucky to have such a rich wildlife in Quebec. And it is very important that we respect it and coexist well alongside it. After all, we share the same territory.

We hope that you find the best way to keep wild animals away from your home by following the advice in this article.

If ever the need arises, we are always here to help. Simply contact us and we will be happy to intervene.

We look forward to serving you!