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Earwigs are some of the most apprehensive insects. Some people are afraid of them, others are disgusted. Admittedly, at first glance, the earwig can be repulsive with its large pincers, but don’t worry: it is totally harmless.

These insects are therefore in no way dangerous to humans, but they can be hazardous to your gardens. If you want to prevent damage to your flowers, vegetables and shrubs, it is best to deal with large infestations quickly.

The earwig, an insect that is harmless to humans

Earwigs are often considered aggressive insects that sting and bite, probably because of their pincers and name. However, earwigs never attack humans: they are not dangerous at all.

In addition to being harmless, earwigs have no interest in settling in your home. In most cases, they are accidentally brought in from outside. This is usually when people decide to call pest extermination services.

How to keep earwigs outdoors

Despite their harmless nature, seeing earwigs inside can be disturbing. To prevent them from ending up in your home, we recommend eliminating moisture problems inside your home. We also recommend that you plant your shrubs or flowers more than half a meter from your home and avoid leaving organic materials such as dead leaves or weeds nearby.

Finally, leave some outdoor lights on at night. Earwigs hate light. If after these few recommendations you still notice earwigs inside, you should contact a pest control expert.

The earwig, an insect that can damage your garden

Earwigs may not be harmful to humans, but they can be harmful to your garden. These insects feed mainly on flowers, vegetables and shrubs and tend to take refuge in your green spaces.

When their population is small enough, these insects are beneficial because they eliminate harmful organisms from your gardens. Some species even feed on rotting insect larvae, worms and plants, which protects your garden. However, when they show up in large numbers, earwigs can be harmful to your plants and shoots. It is therefore a question of balance.

How to get rid of earwigs

Do you think your garden is in danger from an earwig invasion? The best time to get rid of earwigs is in early spring, when the insects are in the larval stage (the first stage of the insect’s development). It is important to cultivate the soil at the beginning of the season and to regularly maintain your lawn and garden.

Moreover, don’t leave your rotten fruits and vegetables lying around too long since earwigs are attracted to them. You can also use pesticides or traps as a last resort.

If you can’t keep earwigs and other pests away, contact Elite Pest Control

If you are struggling to control an infestation inside or outside your home, do not hesitate to contact us. At Elite Pest Control, we use the best method for your situation. Our experts can provide you with the tools you need and help you with your pest problems, no matter how big the problem is.

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Pascal Rock  
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