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Do you hear scratching in your walls or plasterboard? Do you often hear these noises at night? There may be one or more mice in your walls.

Having rodents in your home is never pleasant, but the situation is even more uncomfortable when they have made themselves at home in your walls.

Our mouse extermination experts give you tips to help you get rid of these pests hiding in your walls without undergoing any construction work.

2 ways to get rid of mice in your walls

Before you install traps or rodenticides, you have to determine the exact location of the nest and the path used by the mice in their search for food. To do this, listen carefully to noises and look for any nearby openings that may be used by these rodents.

Once this is done and you have found the entry points, you can use the two following methods to get rid of mice.

Snap traps

Snap traps can be very effective when strategically placed. This extermination method is the least cruel since it usually kills mice instantly, unlike sticky traps. If you choose a bait trap, use something with a strong smell: peanut butter and bacon grease are the most effective.

Rodent poison

If the mouse infestation has significantly worsened, mouse traps may no longer be enough to manage the program. You may need to use poison to get rid of the mice.

  • Drill a hole in your drywall, a few centimetres off the ground.
  • Fill the hole with a scented mouse trap, cover the top of the box with transparent cellophane and secure the box against the wall.
  • Within 48 hours, look through the cellophane to see if a mouse has taken the bait. You should have results on the same day.
  • Repeat the process until there are no more mice in your walls.

What to do with dead mice in walls?

Even if you have managed to exterminate the pests in your walls, the smell of dead mice is a problem.

Dead mice should not be left inside your walls, otherwise they will end up attracting other pests. The procedure is quite simple:

  • Take a pair of gloves, a drill, a flashlight and sealant to avoid catching diseases transmitted by pest droppings.
  • Identify the location of the remains by drilling a coin-sized hole a few centimetres off the ground in the wall of the hole that appears to be releasing the smell.
  • Use a flashlight (or your smartphone light) to see if there is a dead mouse. If you do not find anything, try another hole in the adjacent cavity.
  • If you see a dead mouse, cut a larger hole (6 inches by 9 inches should be enough) in the partition to get rid of the dead mouse.
  • Fill the partition with sealant.

What to do after getting mice out of your walls

If you managed to get the mice out of your walls, you have won a battle, but not the war. You then need to seal the entry points.

Sealing all holes and cracks that could be used as an entry point for small rodents and other pests will significantly reduce the risk of them getting into your walls. Rodent proof caulking is therefore useful for preventing rodent infestations.

Need help getting rid of mice in your walls?

With this information and advice, you are now better equipped to get rid of intruders who have made themselves at home in your walls.

Contact Elite Pest Control if you have an infestation problem in your home. Our team specialized in extermination, prevention and decontamination will be able to give you good advice and get rid of mice for good.

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Pascal Rock  
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