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Mice are not evil. When they roam around the house, they’re just looking for some food and a cozy place to nest.

Of course, having mice around the house is never good, because they can carry a number of diseases that make them dangerous. There’s always a risk of mice transmitting pathogens that are harmful to our health, so it’s important to keep them away.

So, how can we keep mice away in a natural way that doesn’t hurt or kill them? Good question, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, our team will give you tips on how to keep mice away naturally.

Repelling mice with essential oils

Essential oils are a great natural way to repel mice. Mice don’t see very well, but they have an exceptional sense of smell.  They can sniff out odours for miles around.

Essential oils can be used to keep mice away naturally because they have a very strong smell. Both the essential oils and their natural counterparts give off an odour so intense that it repels mice.

Of course, not all essential oils naturally repel mice. So, which ones keep them away? There are several:

  • Peppermint
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Laurel
  • Clove

How to use essential oils to repel mice

To repel mice with essential oil, soak cotton balls with the oil and place them where mice are likely to nest or move around: in cupboards, in passageways, along the edges of walls, behind large pieces of furniture, in dark corners, and even directly in their nest, if possible. Mice will then avoid those places.

Scaring mice off with aluminum foil

You might think this is an old wives’ tale, but aluminum foil can also be used to scare off mice. How, you ask?

Mice dislike the noise and smell of aluminum foil. They’re good climbers, but can’t grip onto the foil. If you want to use aluminum foil to keep mice away naturally, surround the objects you want to protect with it. Mice will avoid them.

Does naphthalene keep mice away effectively?

Naphthalene, the chemical used in mothballs, is said to be a way of keeping mice away naturally. But naphthalene isn’t actually that effective. The product is great at repelling moths, but over-the-counter mothballs don’t have a strong enough smell to scare mice away.

To make them an effective pest control product, the naphthalene concentration would have to be much higher.

So, keep your mothballs for uses other than repelling mice.

How to get rid of mice with baking soda

Baking soda is another product commonly used to get rid of mice. To get rid of mice with baking soda, sprinkle it in areas where the mice tend to be. Focus your efforts on the areas where they move around.

Alternatively, you can mix baking soda with mouse bait: cereals, dried fruit, peabutter, etc. Avoid using this method if you have children or pets, as they may be tempted to eat the bait.

Cats: the perfect predators to keep mice away

If cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that cats and mice are sworn enemies, even more so than Batman and the Joker. So, it’s not surprising that cats are commonly used as a natural deterrent for mice.

However, not all cats have a fierce appetite for mice. Domestic cats tend to live a life of luxury and have enough food to turn their noses up at mice.

Of course, the mere presence of a cat will serve as a deterrent for mice, whether the cat is lazy or not. What sort of cat should you choose to hunt mice? Try to find an active one with a fierce disposition, but it can be difficult to guess at a domestic cat’s personality before bringing it home…

Can cat litter really keep mice away?

Another item on our definitive list of things that keep mice away is cat litter. Weird, right? Not so much. As we’ve just discussed, cats and mice have been enemies since the beginning of time.

Cat litter tainted with feline odour is a natural repellent for mice. Mice that smell the litter will run the other way and not come back, at least for a while.

To scare mice off with cat litter, sprinkle some along the walls where they are usually found. The stronger the smell, the more effective the litter will be at scaring the mice away. Make the cat litter even more pungent by mixing in a few drops of white vinegar. That’ll do the trick!

Scaring mice away with an ultrasonic device

Ultrasonic devices are available on the market. They are considered a method for catching mice, although they don’t truly capture them like mousetraps do.

As their name suggests, ultrasonic devices send ultrasonic waves into the surrounding environment at a frequency that mice find absolutely unbearable. If you want to scare mice away with ultrasonic waves, get a device with a frequency of 10,000 Hz. You will be more satisfied with the results.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: preventive caulking

Mice are small, stealthy, agile, and very clever too. Mice can enter homes through any possible access point you can imagine: a hole in the roof, the foundation, a half-open door, a defective window screen, etc.

if you want to keep mice away naturally, start by preventing them from getting into your home in the first place. How, you ask? With preventive rodent-proof caulking.

What is caulking? Caulking is used to block access points that mice might use to enter your home. Wire mesh screens are also an effective rodent control solution.

Fun fact: caulking blocks openings without hindering the airflow in a house. It truly is an excellent way to keep mice away naturally.

To keep mice away, cut off their food supply

This is an obvious one, but it’s important to remember that mice enter homes to eat and sleep. If you leave garbage cans with food waste on the balcony, food behind the stove and open cereal boxes in your cupboards, mice, with their exceptional noses, will smell a feast and move in.

Keeping garbage in properly sealed, airtight garbage cans and storing food in closed containers that are inaccessible to rodents are two foolproof tips to keep mice away from your house.

Mouse exterminators, here to help when things get out of hand

If mice are still prowling your home like a shiver of menacing sharks despite your best intentions, call a mouse exterminator.

The mouse exterminator is the ultimate pro to call on when it’s time to get rid of an infestation or the threat of an infestation.

Whether it’s preventive or for pest control, the cost of a mouse exterminator depends on many factors. Contact us to find out more about how a mouse exterminator can help you keep mice away naturally. A little chat with us should be enough to clarify the situation and give you some reassurance.

That’s all for our topic of the day. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to keep mice away naturally.

Best of luck!