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When you have a pest infestation problem, the exterminator’s job is to carry out the extermination procedure. However, as an owner or tenant, you are responsible for some of the preparatory work.

Here is how to prepare your home for an extermination procedure.

Clean the house before the exterminator visits

The first task you should perform before the extermination procedure is a general clean-up of your home. Tidy up your home and make sure you maintain an adequate level of cleanliness to help the specialist do his work. Seal water leaks, wash your floors with a cleaning agent and take out your vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your carpets and cracks. Move bulky items and get rid of debris on your surfaces.

Remove insects and disinfect your home before the exterminator arrives

Next, if you see live insects swarming, be sure to remove them. Try to determine if the insects have laid eggs. If this is the case, clean and disinfect your vacuum cleaner so that nothing remains in the bag or container of the unit. Make sure to wash your mattress and bedding. If necessary, also wash your pet’s bed, since it may be infested with pests. This preparatory step can encourage insects and rodents to come out of hiding. Take note of their location when you notice them.

<H2> Proceed to the kitchen to continue the pre-extermination work on the residence

Before the extermination procedure, proceed to the kitchen. Check your cereal boxes, flour bags and sugar containers for larvae. Remove your plates, utensils and pots from the cabinets, since the exterminator will have to inspect them. Move the contents of your pantry away from the treatment area. Get a cooler and store your food outside on your balcony. Take out a cloth and clean the surfaces under your small appliances, such as your toaster and microwave oven. Pull the refrigerator out of its place and vacuum up the dust and waste.

Continue preparation outside the house

If your pest infestation problem is located or comes from outside, continue the pre-extermination work there. The day before the exterminator arrives, cut the grass and shut down your sprinkler system. Put garbage on the curb and, if you have a garage, make sure it can be accessed, since the exterminator will also have to inspect it.

Have children and animals cared for on the day of extermination

When the exterminator visits, have your children looked after and inform sick people that they must leave the residence. If you have pets, have them cared for as well. Ask a neighbour, a family member or contact a shelter. Vivariums and aquariums must be removed from the treatment area.

Group your furniture in the centre of your home’s rooms

Finally, to prepare your house for an extermination procedure, you need to move your furniture. Group them in the centre of a room, even if you think the area is pest-free.

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Preparing your home before the exterminator arrives is the best way to help the pest control professional do a flawless job. For more information or to schedule an exterminator for a visit, contact Elite Pest Control now.