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Insects are literally invading our food – grasshopper flour energy bars, apple and cricket crumble with caramel sauce, green papaya salad with silkworms, etc.

But even if this is the case, we are far from tolerating their presence off our plates, especially in restaurants. Of all the possible insects, cockroaches probably have the worst reputation.

An overview of the cockroach

The cockroaches most commonly found in Quebec are German cockroaches. While the cockroaches we see in the movies are huge, the species we have at home “only” measures between 1.3 and 1.6 cm.

These cockroaches enjoy nature, but they especially love restaurants and other food processing establishments, which provide them with everything they need to eat well.

Cockroaches in my restaurant? No thanks!

You may be surprised to learn that cockroaches rarely cause structural damage to the properties they invade.

Despite this, however, they can still contaminate food they touch and transmit a number of diseases by walking and leaving droppings on food and surfaces after travelling through garbage or sewers.

Surprisingly, the presence of cockroaches in a restaurant isn’t necessarily a sign of uncleanliness. However, in order to comply with current health standards, cockroaches must be exterminated.

In fact, Repentigny and Laval exterminators sometimes have to carry out pest control in the restaurants in these regions and other areas of the province.

Exterminate cockroaches in your restaurant

So how do you exterminate cockroaches in a restaurant?

As is often the case with infestations, it all starts with a thorough clean-up. This step is designed to remove their access to all forms of food.

This is done by cleaning up spills immediately and storing all food in airtight plastic or glass containers. Also put garbage in a sealed, airtight garbage can and dispose of it daily.

Wash dishes immediately, rather than letting them pile up and linger. Likewise, vacuum regularly to remove food crumbs and cockroach eggs wherever they may be found.

Prevention goes hand in hand with action

Keep cockroaches away from your restaurant by finishing off the clean-up work with caulking.

Caulking is an extermination technique that involves blocking access points to a building with screens and other physical barriers to prevent cockroaches from returning.

Without caulking, cockroaches could come back and invade your restaurant.

Cockroaches and restaurants: no room for tolerance

Prejudices about insects are changing. Despite this, their presence will never be tolerated in our food service establishments, if only for the number of diseases they can transmit.

Contact us if you have a cockroach infestation problem in your restaurant. Our exterminators will get rid of them quickly.