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Bed bugs are notorious little insects known for infesting even the cleanest of homes, especially if you live in Montreal. Brown or reddish in color, bed bugs live off of animal and human blood, so they may leave you with tiny, nasty bites around your body if they’ve made your home theirs. Aside from calling the professionals at Elite Pest COntrol to completely get rid of bed bugs, there are several things you can do to help stop the infestation from growing.

Remove the bed bugs

While you’ll need a professional to completely get rid of them, you can help reduce bed bug numbers in the meantime by vacuuming or crushing the insects with a rag or hard surface. Make sure you have a vacuum cleaner that uses a bag rather than a filter. Avoid using attachments with brushes or bristles, to reduce the likelihood that the bed bugs will infest it.

Reduce your clutter

Bed bugs thrive by hiding in hard-to-reach areas, particularly those plagued by clutter. If there’s too much clutter, you may never be able to fully get rid of all the bed bugs. Reduce your clutter to decrease the areas which the bugs can infest and help your extermination professional have an easier time when it comes to fully exterminating all the bugs.

Launder washable items regularly

Heat will kill bed bugs, so putting washable items through the washer and dryer will make sure they’re bed bug free. If you currently have a bed bug problem, make sure you’re laundering linens and cushion covers on a weekly basis and clothing items and towels on a daily basis. Note that bed bugs can survive the cold rinse cycle, even if you use detergent, so putting your wash on a hot cycle is key.

Install mattress and box spring encasements

Purchase an encasement that is purposefully designed to protect against bed bugs, which will make sure your bed doesn’t become infested. Not only will it help reduce the spread of the infestation, but a good encasement will make it easier to detect an infestation earlier on (thus making it easier to resolve).

Call the professionals

Seeking professional help is probably your best option.  You can never truly get rid of a bed bug infestation without calling in the professionals. The extermination process requires knowledge of bed bug behaviour and the correct and safe way to use pesticides, for which professionals have the proper training and experience for.

If you truly want your home to be bed bug free, contact Elite Pest Control today for a free consultation and to finally live without unwanted pests.