Your local team of exterminators in Repentigny

Elite Pest Control’s expert exterminators have been offering the best pest control services throughout the province of Quebec for many years, including Repentigny and the Lanaudière region.

If you’re in need of a pest control service in Repentigny, look no further than Elite Pest Control. We have the most efficient and discreet team of professionals who can quickly eliminate any harmful insects and pests from your home, turning it back into the haven it used to be.

We are committed to providing you with a top-standard extermination service that will solve your pest control problem for a long time to come. To show how committed we are, we have attached a 5-year guarantee to all our pest management services.

Repentigny and Lanaudière: destinations swarmed with insects and pests

Repentigny, the 13th largest city in Quebec with 85,000 inhabitants, is not immune to pest intrusions. Its ideal geographic location, being situated between Montreal and Quebec City, and its extensive road network, particularly with the 640/40 interchange, seem to draw pests in.

Like other cities in Quebec, there is never a shortage of extermination requests from Repentigny across all four seasons: mice, rats, raccoons, and ants often settle in the homes of Repentigny residents throughout the year, different pest combinations appearing as the weather patterns change.

However, you shouldn’t let them enter and settle in your homes for a long time, otherwise they will end up causing health problems and damaging your belongings. At the slightest suspicion of a pest invasion, you should contact our exterminators. After receiving your free quote, we will quickly intervene in Repentigny.

    Why call our exterminators in Repentigny?

    If you are the victim of insect or pest intrusion, the best exterminators in Repentigny are here to help. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service to our customers, ensuring that all the work we do is carried out with discretion.

    Here are 2 reasons why our extermination services in Repentigny are so popular.

    We make sure that families in Repentigny and its surrounding areas are safe

    Have you found mouse droppings in your food cupboards or heard scratching noises in the walls at night?

    Mice and rats are known to leave behind contaminated droppings and urine that can trigger serious health problems in humans, including infectious diseases! The best way to keep your family safe is to hire a mouse exterminator before things get worse.

    Our exterminators in Repentigny can also solve your pest problems with our caulking service, which involves blocking all openings in your home and cleaning and sanitizing any soiled areas.

    Our extermination service protects the value of your home

    The presence of insects and pests in your home is a problem that should not be overlooked. Pests can damage your home’s possessions and reduce its resale value. Bed bugs, carpenter ants, and wasps are all intruders that should be removed if found in your attic or yard.

    If you live in Repentigny and are frequently disturbed by raccoons, rodents, spiders, birds or other pests, contact Elite Pest Control to solve this issue.

    We are one of the only extermination companies in Quebec to offer a decontamination and disinfection service.

    Why exterminators are important in Repentigny

    There are many tips and tricks available on the web on how to exterminate raccoons and bats. However, only a professional exterminator knows how to eradicate an infestation once and for all and seal all openings that could be a potential entry point for pests.

    Do you live in Repentigny and have an infestation in your home or business? Contact our team of exterminators immediately.

    Not from Repentigny? Elite Pest Control can still help you

    Not living in the North-East of Montreal? No problem, we can intervene anywhere on the island and throughout the province of Quebec, including the following cities:

    If you want to know more about the services offered by Elite Pest Control in Repentigny or make an appointment for our pest extermination service, please contact us now!